Hello Friends!
Welcome to Crochet Threads!

My Mission

“My mission is to prepare everyone and encourage the love of knit, crocheting, and weaving among people.”

My Purpose & Vision

“Building a More Innovative, Linked, Warm, Caring, and Comfortable World!”

Who Am I?

I’m Lisa Manoban, an experienced crocheter. In life, I believe you should always make time to do the things that make you happiest, and crocheting is my favorite. For me, crochet is everything. My activities include completing various DIY projects especially work with delicate yarn.

I created Crochet Threads to have a place to share my projects with others. I have made this website a platform to provide others with all the best crochet patterns. All my crochet projects are elegant and, most importantly, easy to work on. So, if you are looking for inspiration for crafts, DIY projects, or crochet patterns to complete quickly at your place, you’ve come to the right place!

What did I do?

I think crochet has great power. I embrace crochet’s useful, fun, passionate, trendy, and expressive qualities because it makes life cozier, more comfortable, and more colorful. I work hard to assist crocheters in making all crochet projects with easy patterns. I am sure you will find this site the best learning location.
Welcome to the new crochet community, where everyone is a family.